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Is the water drinkable?

Any limits on using water?
Normally not, but conserving water is recommended, especially during the dry seasons. A limit is more on the waste water side, if large amounts of water are used, the infiltration system may fill up and a smell may appear. This only happens in very rare occasions.

Can you recommend any hikes?
Yes, the loop around the small mountan Röseberget is about 3 km.

Do you have maps?
Yes, we can supply detailed maps.

Are the trails available on-line?
Most trails in the area are marked on Openstreetmap maps. These can be used on iPhone/Android phones.

Can you recommend any good location for a day hike to have activities/lunch?
Yes, the small bay on the old firing range has a nice grass area and a shallow sandy beach.

Can you recommend locations for activities around trails?
Yes, we have maps with 8-10 good locations for questions, activities and breaks.

Is firewood supplied?
Normally not, we recommend you bring what you need.

Is there an outdoor fireplace?
Yes, there is a fireplace behind the main cabin.

What do we need to bring for sleep over indoors?
Bring sleeping bags and pillows. The indoor sleeping cabin has mattresses for about 25 children.

Do we need to bring kitchen and toilet supplies?
You need to bring soap, washing-up liquid, tissue paper and kitchen towels.

What about cleaning when done?
There are supplies provided in the broom cupboard in the auxiliary building.

Is there a fireplace indoors?
Yes, its for cosy small fires, and should be used with care (no stormy fires).

Do we use shoes indoors?
No, all shoes are left in the entrance halls.

Are canoes available?

Is there a shower?
No, it would consume too much water/produce too much waste water.

Can I use public transport to get there?
Yes, there is a bus stop ”Björkö Posten”, see the Directions pdf.

Is there any good place to go swimming?
Yes, the nearest location is ”Krabbhall”, a 10 minutes walk, but its also good at the old firing range.

How do I get the key?
We arrange apick-up at a location on the way out to Björkö, just let us know a few days in advance.



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